Different Versions of Event

 Laurens City Police were dispatched to Hardin Road at 5:35 Friday evening on a report of a fight in progress. A man indicated he had been awakened by his girlfriend arguing with her daughter. When he asked them to be quiet, they argued with him. He said he walked outside that his girlfriends’ son punched him in the eye. Then the girlfriend and her daughter came out and attacked him, and he defended himself with a lawn chair.

The girlfriend reportedly denied that version of events, and said the boyfriend had attacked her. No injuries were observed on her. She said that her son was just coming to her aid. The son was not around at the time. Checking back with the man who was listed as victim he indicated he did not want to press charges. As to the police being able to speak with the girlfriend’s son for his version of what happened, the man indicated that he was hiding out from police due to an active warrant. He also indicated the girlfriend was in Easley.