Hospital Board’s First Meeting After Merger

The Laurens County Health Care System’s Board of Directors met last evening for the first time since a 40-year lease was entered with the Greenville Health System.

Board Chair Mike Ellison opened the meeting by saying that the board now has two official roles. The first is to supervise the operation of this lease “to be sure that The Greenville Health System is meeting its requirements to our patients” and the other is to “see how we can participate in this new system to provide the best possible service and care to those patients.”

     Attending the meeting was Dr. Byron Parker of Laurens Family Practice, who assumes an official board position on October first. He told the board that his office has been with the Greenville Health System for the last sixteen years, and that they are very satisfied with the arrangement, saying “They are very approachable, we meet with them every month, they do not micromanage what we do unless, however, we do not do a good job.”

    GHS Laurens County Memorial campus President Rich D’Alberto said that some things are still unclear, like if a full audit is necessary at this point, and other reporting requirements, such as those associated with original General Obligation Bonds which Laurens County Health Care System still maintains.

     The board is still waiting for the June financial report, it was announced that it will be presented at next month’s meeting.

     Information Technology issues are still being worked out with a four month transition plan for hospital email systems. On the changes, D’Alberto said “For the most part, everyone is patient.”

    There were many praises from Mike Reardon, President and CEO of  the Greenville Health System  for the success of the transition. He said “When I walk in this place I get a good feeling, it is going extremely well.” He told the local board that GHS staff says this is the best staff they have ever worked with.

    Laurens County board Chair Mike Ellison noted “There is a big board meeting every quarter at Greenville Memorial Hospital, and I would like one of us to be at every meeting.”

    The Laurens County board last night voted unanimously to complete necessary paperwork for purchase of an acre of land adjacent to the hospital property. There was also an announcement that some offices in Laurens County Memorial will be leased to the American Cancer Society for one dollar a month.