No Hostage After All

 A hostage situation at a motel just outside Clinton early yesterday morning eventually was determined to not involve any hostage.  Deputy Jeremy McMahan was dispatched to the Day’s Inn Motel of Clinton on Highway 56 North at 4:23 am on a report of a fight in room 123. He reported arriving to see glass broken out of rooms 123 and 124 and there was a fire extinguisher lying in front of room 123. A man who was bleeding was observed coming from room 123. He reportedly gave the name of a man he said was holding his wife a hostage, saying he heard her screaming for help and started breaking out windows and banging on the door with the fire extinguisher. He was sent to EMS on position in a nearby parking lot for treatment of his injuries.

  The Special Operations Response Team arrived on scene. They checked both rooms and did not find anyone inside. Upon further consultation with the man and the motel staff, they were advised that the man had actually been staying in room 131, so that room was checked by the S.O.R.T. but also cleared with no one inside. It was determined that the man was there by himself. There was no indication of why the man had thought his wife was being held hostage, although there was a report of some indication of a prescription drug having been consumed. With no evidence of a hostage situation, 41-year-old Jeffrey Victor Snow of 504 Caldwell Street, Clinton was placed under arrest for Two Charges of Malicious Damage. He was taken to the Johnson Detention Center. Estimate of damage to the Days’ Inn from the incident was $3,000.