Top Ten Things Learned From Possums

 By Jan

 # 10. A coach of a football team decided to name the team “The Possums”. When asked why he said,”We play dead at home and get killed on the road !”

 # 9. The male and female possum make smacking sounds when they are ready to mate. If I hear that sound at my house I just figure someone is hungry so I go fix something to eat.

 # 8. Possums may look like big rats but are really like cats because they groom and clean themselves very often. I know some people that could really take a hint from that !!

 # 7. We can learn to grin in any situation. A possum will just grin at anything, so the next time someone is giving you grief just sit still and grin.

 # 6. Armadillos are actually hard shelled possums. They can be served on the half shell or better known as Al-La Hubcap !

 # 5. Baby possums when born are no bigger than a honey bee. I just have to wonder if it is as hard for the Mama possum to have them as it is for women to have babies.

 # 4. The babies of possums develop in the pouch of the mother and sometimes ride on her back. I think some of us still have kids that do that also.

 # 3. Get a couple of possums and make pets out of them, you won’t have snakes in your yard because they are immune to the venom of snakes and will kill and eat them. You could name them Weiner and Pelosi.

 # 2. Possums are nocturnal and hide during the day but come out at night and visits humans homes in search of food. Gee, that sounds like my 16-year-old son raiding the fridge at night.

 # 1. The little ladies can really learn from the possum. When they are not in the “Mood”, they can just turn over and play dead from 1 minute to 6 hours depending on how long it takes for hubby to go to sleep.