Top Ten Chicken Mysteries in Clinton

 #10…What was all that racket on Maple Street last night?  An old man in a white suit with a goatee walked down the street with a frying pan. The chickens went crazy!


#9 … Why did the chicken Cross Maple Street? Because it was getting too crowded on his side of the street. There were a lot more than four hens there, Randy.


#8 …Of all the chickens on Maple Street, which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

          Nobody knows. It’s one of the great mysteries of the universe!


#7 … Why should dogs and cats be upset in Clinton? Because a free range chicken is going to be the next ‘Pet of the Week.’ 

#6 … Why did the Clinton Chicken go Postal? Because she had wandered down to Whiteford’s and saw the 8-piece bucket special on Fried Chicken!


#5  …What’s the latest problem they’re having with the football team at PC?

           Chickens on the field….the cheer leaders have to shoo the chickens before they can do their cheers! Then they still have to worry not to step in something.


#4 … Why did the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission get called in to Clinton? Because of the sexist chicken ordinance….it allows four hens, but why not roosters?


#3 …How is Clinton really different from Laurens. In Laurens, folks fuss about buzzards all the time. In Clinton, folks are fussing about chickens.


#2 … Why do chicken not make good pets?

Can you really trust any animal that doesn’t have teeth?

It can’t bring you the paper, and they refuse to be potty-trained!


# 1 … Why did Clinton City Council cry ‘Fowl’ about changing the Chicken Ordinance? They said 4 chickens are enough for any household. We don’t want to get overrun, so Council nipped it – they nipped it in the bud!