Crowd Didn’t Like Pepper Spray

   Laurens Police dispatched to Club Fruit at 658 North Harper at 2:58 Saturday morning on a report of a disturbance. A fight reportedly broke out at the front door as the club was letting out for the night. A security guard reportedly sprayed pepper spray to subdue the two men, which apparently impacted the crowd of some 200 people, causing many to become upset about it. Three Laurens Police officers were backed up by three Sheriff’s Deputies in facing the large crowd. Sgt. Joey Pittman reportedly grabbed 39-year-old Rashun Santez Hill of 94 Booker Avenue to arrest him on a Disorderly Conduct charge, but another man in the vehicle reportedly grabbed Mr. Hill to pull him back in the vehicle. In the struggle that ensued, police arrested both men following two uses of a tazer. Rasun Hill and 26-year-old Kareem Davier Coleman of 200 London Drive, Laurens were both charged with Disorderly Conduct and with Resisting Arrest and placed in the Johnson Detention Center. Both were later released on personal recognizance bonds of $265 for the Disorderly charges and $650 for the Resisting Arrest charges.