Ten Things You Might See Or Hear At Your Local Store

# 10. A rather large lady at least 300 pounds or more buys a big bag of chips, a box of honey buns, then gets a diet coke and says she was on a diet. Hmmmm.


# 9. Nice looking older gentleman walks up to the counter and puts down a package of strawberries and 2 condoms, tells the cashier,” Yes, in that order”. I could not help it, I cracked up at that one !


# 8. Two ladies are together, one buys rum, chocolate, and tampons. The other one gets chocolate and midol, then looks at her friend and says,” Do you think we are being a little obvious?”


# 7. Two boys about 12 and 14 years old buy 2 condoms. Things were ok until the 14 year old said,” I can’t believe Mother is making us buy these for her !” Yeah right !!


# 6. One older lady with very grey hair, kind of dirty, very skinny, and looked like she dipped snuff,missing a few teeth, was wearing a shirt with writing across the front that read, “You can’t touch this!” I had to wonder who would want to !!


# 5. A very red faced man bought condoms, a dog collar , and a leash. He was shy but promised he had just bought his son a puppy, even tho it looked weird.


# 4. Did you know they sell Frog Spit ? After investigation I found out it is lemon lime sherbert pops !


# 3. How about the lady that walks into the drug store and wants to buy birth control pills for her dog.


# 2. A little boy goes up to the cashier and lays down 2 dimes and a nickel then tells the lady he wants a case quarter. She says, “We don’t sell those here honey, you must go somewhere else.”


# 1. While shopping at a local store with my son, I saw an older gentleman riding on one of the scooters. He was very friendly and said hello to us. I then noticed he was wearing shorts maybe a little too short, and the family jewels were showing. I tried to show my son and he said I was crazy.