Ten Jobs That Might Be Available

# 10. Just walk right into the police station and tell the chief you would like to apply for the job of keeping water in the fountain, make Bryan Bently happy.

# 9. I hear plumbers are in demand. I ain’t the plumber but I am the plumber’s son, I can plug your hole til the plumber comes. Do Da !

# 8. How about a can checker. Go around the station and make sure that what is supposed to be in the can is actually in the can and stuff that ain’t supposed to be there is not there, make Emil Finley happy.

# 7. You could become a weed farmer. They grow weeds to sell to universities and chemical companies to be used in herbicide research. Hey, my yard could make me rich after all.

# 6. A wrinkle chaser, that is the person that irons wrinkles from shoes as they are being made to make sure thay are perfectly smooth when you buy them.

# 5. Ah yes, a Boner. This is the one where you insert bones or steels into prepared pockets of  women’s foundation garments like corsets and bras.

# 4. Foot straightener. These people straighten and screw into place the feet on watch and clock dials during assembly.

# 3. Hooker inspector, not what you think Randy. They inspect cloth in in a textile mill for defects using a hooking machine.

# 2. Then there is the Egg Smeller. This is where you actually smell eggs after they are broken to check for spoilage.

# 1. Would you like to be a clown ? I hear they have an opening in Missouri.