Top Ten Ridiculous Foods At State Fairs

# 10. Deep fried cotton candy at the Texas state fair. Cotton candy balls battered and fried and served on top of frozen yogurt.

# 9. Camel Burger Sliders at Minnesota state fair. Smoothering camel burgers in spicy mayo,white american cheese, and caramelized onions, served on a bun. Store that in your hump !

# 8. Deep fried bacon cinnamon roll, Texas State fair. Huge cinnamon roll dipped in a sweet pancake batter, fried and then sprinkled with bacon crumbles and covered with powdered sugar. Breakfast of champions maybe ?

# 7. Fat Elvis on a stick, Winsconsin fair. A peanut butter cup dunked in a banana batter, deep fried and served with bacon on top. Just a bigga bigga hunk of love will do ?

# 6. Fried Salsa, Texas fair. Jalapenas,roasted garlic,onions,tomato, and other peppers rolled together and dipped in mesa, covered in crumbled tortilla chips and deep fried,queso dip on the side. That ought to set your fields on fire.

# 5. Chocolate covered corn dog,Orange county state fair. A deepfried corn dog dipped in chcolate with sprinkles. Kinda looks like something left in the toilet to me.

# 4. El Bananarito,Texas. Roll a banana in a flour tortilla and deep fry it. Top it with whipped cream, powered sugar and chocolate sauce. Sounds like something Anthony Weiner could use in his next round of pictures.

# 3. Fried cow patty, Texas. Instead of a fried beef patty, this is a fried chocolate pastry about the size of your face. Guess it looks like a cow patty.

# 2. Fried cactus bites, Texas. Like okra but better they say. Who they are and where they live I don’t know. Cacti are edible and I bet you can use the needles as toothpicks.

# 1. Deep fried beer, Texas. Beer filled pretzel pockets deep fried to a golden brown. One bite and the escaping beer is used as a dipping sauce. Got to be 21 with id to get this.