New Drug Charges, Old DUI Conviction

Intent to Distribute Drug charges were served yesterday on a Clinton husband and wife, who had been arrested Monday by the Sheriff’s Office. Charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute were 28-year-old Jordan Christian Walker and 22-year-old Kristie Nicole Walker, both of 1179 Lake Road, Clinton. Lt. Robert Wilkie states that the Walkers did possess marijuana Monday with intent to Distribute.

Jordan Walker was released on an $8,000 Surety bond on that charge.

  Meanwhile, Kristie Nicole Walker was also charged with Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance. Lt. Wilkie states she was illegally in possession of Diazapam on Monday. She was released on bonds totaling $12,000 on those two drug charges. Meanwhile, Mrs. Walker was also served with bench warrants from Laurens County Magistrate’s Court on two additional cases from six years ago. They note she was convicted October 1st, 2007 on DUI and Minor Purchase of Beer or Wine charges, and sentenced to 30 days on each charge or fines totaling  $421. She was released on payment of fines for the six-year-old convictions and posting of $12,000 surety bonds on the two drug charges.