Vehicles Towed

Laurens County Deputy Sheriff Brent Rushing was dispatched to Highway 101 at Fairview Road between Gray Court and Hickory Tavern at 8:11 last night to conduct a welfare check. On arrival the deputy learned that the man he was discussing the matter with had a vehicle with a suspended vehicle license. The man reportedly surrendered his driver’s license and vehicle license and the vehicle was towed away. The Mauldin man had not been seen driving, so escaped charges for that. Deputy Rushing then completed the requested welfare check.


  Another vehicle was towed early this morning after Deputy Rushing found a white Ford Ranger left unoccupied on the roadway. This was discovered at 2:25 this morning at 290 Abercrombie Road near Gray Court. Due to the location of the unoccupied vehicle and the very low lighting a tow truck was called to remove the vehicle from the roadway.