Woman Upset about Food Burning in Oven

   Laurens County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Wood was dispatched to a residence on Conway Avenue at 2:46 yesterday afternoon after a woman called 911 following an incident with a friend. The man told the officer that he had been visiting with the woman at that location for a couple of days. He said he was outside cutting the grass when she came out yelling at him for smoking up the house. Seems he had put food in the oven and forgot about it, causing it to burn, smoking up the residence. The two reportedly had similar stories of what happened until they went into the house. He reportedly said she threatened him with a knife which he took from her, and a ball peen hammer which he took from her. She then she tripped and fell onto the bed, breaking it. She reportedly indicated he threw her to the bed, but she said she didn’t want to press charges. She was transported to hospital by EMS to be checked out. He was arrested and taken to jail. 21-year-old Rodney Antwan Pitts of 7387 Highway 308, Laurens was issued a citation charging him with Simple Assault. Mr. Pitts remained in the Johnson Detention Center overnight, pending arraignment.