Top Ten Things To Do In Laurens County

# 10. Go to the stores and see how many things you can find that wasn’t made in China, heck go to the new Clinton High School, it was built by people from China.

# 9. Visit the CPW and see why there is not water in the fountain right next door at the police station. I think Bryan Bently stands at the fountain and imagines there is water flowing.

# 8. Want fun, go to Elmo’s crab shack, but don’t be too surprised to see your granny pole dancing there and your grandpa clapping for her. Older folks like to have fun too !!

# 7. You can go to the square and check out the awful wreck that happened. Horrible accident !! A dog fell over and killed 2 fleas and injured 40 more.

# 6. Test drive a few cars or trucks from Buck’s Auto and see the beautiful country side using their gas.

# 5. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning at a local eatery and find out who has worse aches and pains than you do. Seems to be the topic every morning. One lady had side pleurisy, I think I misunderstood what she said.

# 4. Let’s go out to the Laurens Airport and watch the planes come in and go out. Wonder if they got one of them machines that can look right through your clothes. I got a friend that swallowed a watermelon seed and he thinks it took root and grew in his stomach.

# 3. Go to a few chicken farms and just see if you can tell which way the wind is blowing. If you get home smelling like chicken doo, yep it was blowing your way.

# 2. If you get up very early in the morning you can go out to highway 72 and watch the stone ground fruit cake nut, riding a motorcycle in the pouring rain, dodging deer, dogs, and skunks. That should be fun.

# 1. Grab the wife, gather up the youngens, make a large picnic lunch and head for the beach. Yep, we got a beach in Laurens County. Beautiful place to spend the day. Ekom Beach !!