Top Ten Differences Between City Folks And Country Folks

# 10. City folk have to have a toilet and toilet paper, country folk just need a hole and a leaf. I think that is why the country squirrels are brown.

# 9. City folk use the weekend to wash and shine their suv while the country folk have fun on the weekend going muddin in theirs.

# 8. City folk say the name Brenda, country folk say Brender.

# 7. Country folk know what to do with all the cow dung, city folk ain’t got a clue as to what to do with it.

# 6. City folk eat hamburgers and hot dogs while country folk eat deer,rabbit,snake and fish, some of them eat possum.

# 5. City folk have to learn how to shoot a gun at a range, country folk learn to shoot in the woods at anything that moves.

# 4. Country kids know when they hear Mama hollar to come to supper, city kids get a text that dinner is ready.

# 3. Country people call their dogs Rattler and Old Duke while city people call their dogs Fifi and Prince. Rattler gets a bath in the nearest creek free and Fifi gets groomed for about 50 bucks.

# 2. If you are from the city and are moving to the country beware cause if your cell phone rings while an 8 point buck and 3 does are coming in, them country boys will shoot the phone right out of your hand, hope it is not up to your ear at the time.

# 1. When city folks need an answer to a question they just google it, country folks go out to the back yard and hollar across the woods to their neighbor whose kid just finished college.