Top Ten Things To Wonder About On Labor Day

# 10. Why is it called Labor Day when most people are off of work that day . Maybe we should call it No Labor Day.

# 9. I bet the people that live and work in Myrtle Beach work harder that day than any other day to keep up with all the young people getting in that last holiday before school and winter.

# 8. Wonder just how many hot dogs are sold on Labor Day. Someone had to work at making and selling hot dogs I think.

# 7. I read somewhere that you are not supposed to eat hot dogs after Labor Day. That had to be written by someone not from America because we eat them anytime here and I have seen people fight over the last hot dog on the plate in December.

# 6. I would love to know just how many husbands tell their wives that they have to work that day, then go fishing and buy a few hot dogs on the way.

# 5. A lot of men go golfing on Labor Day. They walk their legs off just to hit and chase a little white ball and they pay to do it. Seems to me they would not work as hard at their job and They would get paid for that.

# 4. Chickens must not know what Labor Day is all about cause they still lay eggs on that day, heck I ate 2 of them scrambled this morning.

# 3. Hey, kids are out of school on that day. I bet you Mom works a lot harder picking up behind them at home, or putting up with the older ones asking for money to go out with their friends.

# 2. When I was a young kid I thought Labor Day was when babies were born. I would hear my Mom say that some lady was having a baby and she was in labor.

# 1. A fine ladies tradition is to not wear white after Labor Day, guess I’ll have to get Billy to wash all my drawers and socks with that red towel so they will all be pink.