Ten Things I Noticed On Facebook

# 10. Someone wanted prayer for an unspoken request. This makes me a little nervous because she could be praying for another woman to die so she could have her husband, you just never know.

# 9. A lady posted a picture of her grandchildren, well get over it doll, all of our grandchildren are the best looking, the best in sports, and the smartest !! They take after us !

# 8. A lot of people are telling Obama what to do and saying all kinds of stuff about him and I really have seen some very funny pictures of him on there and I bet he’s not even on facebook !! 

# 7. Some folks post just how they are feeling and where they hurt. I really think they should be telling a doctor, oh wait…..facebook is cheaper but then you could get all kinds of dumb advice.

# 6. I saw one picture of a boob pen. That is a huge pen filled with rubber boobs and you can drop your husband off there to play while you shop, that one just might work.

# 5. Now let’s all cry cause some girl has been done so wrong by her guy. Dang, drop the dirt bag and get on with your life, we really can’t help you and most of us don’t give a rodent’s posteria !

# 4. Well now, this girl is in a relationship with a man she met 2 weeks ago and they are sooo in love. You better get to know him a little more girly, he might leave skid marks in his drawers and wipe his boogers under the couch !

# 3. Then there are these smart little sayings like “People often say that motivation doesn’t last, but neither does bathing so we recommend it daily!” You have to get motivated to take a bath, well smell yo self ain’t that motivation enough ?

# 2. And then there’s this man that says he smiles even on his bad days…..give me a break, no he don’t, he growls at everyone, tells them to kiss his rear, and gives us all the one finger wave.

# 1. I saw where some of the people were asking each other if they cried over y&r today. Most of them did cry. It took me some time but I found out that y&r is a soap opera, please…..folks it is just not that bad, it is not real, it’s fake….stop crying already !!