Top Ten Differences Between Men And Pumpkins

# 10. Pumpkins don’t fight over which one gets to go home with you.

# 9. Pumpkins will not just stare at your chest when you are talking to them unless you carve them that way.

# 8. They don’t care if you keep the remote to the tv or if you change the channel from a football game or a race.

# 7. They will sit on your front porch and wait for you to come home and never complain.

# 6. You can ride them around all day and leave them all night in your trunk and they won’t gripe.

# 5. If you neglect to shave your legs one day, they won’t care. They won’t say it feels like a briar patch.

# 4. You can listen to the oldies and cry over lost loves and they won’t make fun of you. They will not call you a cry baby.

# 3. Men will hardly say anything to you when you try to talk to them, pumpkins will spill their guts out to you.

# 2. Pumkins don’t really care how much you spend at the store, how long you stay out and who you bring home with you.

 # 1. Each year you get a brand new crop to choose from.