“Daddy” VS “Baby’s Daddy”

   What appears to have been a fight between a young woman’s “Daddy” and “her baby’s daddy” dispatched Laurens City Police to Laurens Terrace at 10:58 yesterday morning. Sgt. Bolding arrived and was advised that the fight involved a 40-something man and a 17-year-old male. The officer was told that the fight was between a man and the boyfriend of his daughter, who is also the daughter’s baby’s Daddy. The young man had left, but the man was in his residence. The man had indicated he had come out of his apartment with his daughter, who was going to the doctor and the younger man had smarted off to him, leading to the fight. Reportedly, the younger man is on trespass notice not to be at Laurens Terrace, but the girlfriend sneaks him in at night.