Top Ten Ways We Can Help To Beautify Laurens County

By: Jan Fullbright

# 10. If you have babies, always carry a trash bag with you so you can put the diapers in it and throw it in the trash can when you see one. Do not throw yo baby’s diapers on the side of the road, don’t want the possums getting their little feet dirty.

# 9. If your Mother-in-law is ugly, don’t let her leave the house.

# 8. You got an ugly dog, keep it in the back yard, don’t let it go in the front yard.

# 7. Don’t throw your fast food bags on the train tracks, some one might try to get it and get hit by the train.

# 6. Got your car taped together with duct tape, for goodness sake paint the tape the same color as your car !

# 5. Did the window fall out of the car, well they sell clear plastic now so you can still see out of the window.

# 4. So you just got back from the beach and decided to go shopping at a local store, please put some clothes on, we really don’t need to see what you got.

# 3. Oh great, you bought a new toupee, turn it around right and make sure it is the same color as your hair around it.

# 2. Let’s see how many of the plants with purple berries we can destroy so the birds don’t eat them and then relieve themselves on my white car.

# 1. When you go in a fast food resturant early in the morning, remember there are lots of old men in there getting coffee. Do not wear a low cut blouse and bend over. It makes the old men ogle and open their mouth and might lose their false teeth. It is an ugly sight to see them try to find which false teeth belong to them from all the ones on the floor.