One Man Arrested, Another Man Wanted

 Laurens City Police were dispatched to Laurens Terrace at 2 minutes after midnight this morning on a report that two males were behind a building and appeared to be attempting to break into a back door of an apartment. Officers arrived to observe two males behind building 100. Officer Charles Simmons approached the men from one direction while Lt. Dwight Craft came from the other direction to prevent ‘flight upon sight.’ Master Patrolman Simmons had the men sit on an air conditioning unit Lt. Craft arrived. One of the men reportedly had his back to the officers and placed his hand in his pocket. He allegedly refused several orders to remove his hand from the pocket. Officers attempted to detain him out of concern of a possible concealed weapon and he reportedly attempted to flee. As officers took him down using an arm bar he allegedly continued an attempt to resist arrest. 24-year-old Wilvunchie Pomyea Hill of 11-A Bub Avenue Laurens, also known as “P Rail,” was taken into custody and placed in the Johnson Detention center. He is being charged with Loitering, Simple Possession of Marijuana and Resisting Arrest.

  Police note locating a clear plastic baggie containing 8.1 grams of marijuana.

  The second man, identified as a 19-year-old from Clinton, fled the scene as officers subdued Mr. Hill. He is now wanted for charges in connection with this morning’s incident at Laurens Terrace.