Sudden Sight of Fire Surprises Deputies

Laurens County deputies who were busy arresting some folks on drug charges outside of Enoree early this morning, in the overnight hours around midnight, had a little extra excitement when a camper they were near suddenly burst into flames.

  Deputies at 99 Community Center Drive, Enoree reportedly found a woman outside a residence there whom they arrested on a drug possession charge. In the process of arresting her, they went to check out campers nearby for possibly suspicious activity. One of the campers was locked so they went to a second camper where they found two men inside. Officers were in the process of arresting those two men on drug charges when the first camper they had gone to suddenly burst into flames. It was an intense fire according to deputies who were on the scene. Initial reports indicate that camper was destroyed by the fire.

  Meanwhile the Sheriff’s Office had three people is custody who had been arrested nearby.