Drug Charges Follow Traffic Stop

   A man from the Ora community was arrested on charges that included drug possession after Laurens Police Officer Patrick Craven made a traffic stop at the Rite-Aid on North Harper of a vehicle at 2:15 Sunday morning. The subject was allegedly traveling at 51-miles-her-hour on US 221 at the Hillcrest Drive intersection. While taking a 9-step-walk test for alcohol consumption, the man reportedly dropped a clear plastic bag containing what was determined to be cocaine and was then handcuffed by Sgt. Gainey. 36-year-old Johnny Bernard Brewster of 274 Quiet Circle, Gray Court was charged with Driving with Unlawful Alcohol Content and with Possession of Cocaine. The bag’s contents were estimated a half a gram. Johnny Brewster was released from the Johnson Detention Center yesterday on posting Personal Recognizance bonds totaling $6,000.