Girlfriends and Shotguns

Around Noon yesterday Deputy Hodges was dispatched to a home on TV Tower rd Ware Shoals in reference to a complaintant’s shotgun being stolen by his girlfriend. Deputy Hodges arrived on scene and began speaking with the complaintant.  Complaintant stated that he and his girlfriend had been having some relationship issues. He said he usually kept a Savage 20 gauge shotgun in his living room for protection from break ins and while he was away cutting grass she took the shotgun without permission. Deputy Hodges located the girlfriend at the residence next door. She said that her boyfriend was having mental issues and had told her that he had shot someone with the gun. She said she thought he should not be in possesion of a weapon. She said she was going to sign a mental health pickup order on him and was not going to give the gun back. The deputy told her she could not keep the gun unless there was legal documentation stating otherwise. The complaintant’s gun was then returned to him.