Council Pulls Plug on Grant

    Laurens City Council last night decided ‘enough is enough.’ The City has decided to cut its losses on a grant received from the State Highway Department several years ago. The money was to be used to make repairs and other improvements on Silver Street, which runs off the north side of the Public Square and to Franklin Alley, which runs off the east side of the Historic Square. 

  Council decided last night to forego the funds, which have been delayed for years due to technicalities. Mayor Brownlee said “This grant goes back several years. We have been working with the transportation department to get this off the ground, but it is a project costing too much to accomplish too little.”

    Laurens City Council last night unanimously approved a Resolution that authorizes the State Highway Department to make improvements to the Lucas Avenue portion of US Route 221. With this approval, the city will assist in causing all utilities in the project area to be relocated to allow for the construction.

  City Council last night also approved the sale of less than an acre of city-owned land on Fleming Street extension for use in constructing a new electric sub-station that will be used to send power into the Laurens Electric System.