“Just Putting Tools Back”

   Someone was reportedly caught taking tools from a trailer yesterday on Highway 66 East of Renno Road. Sheriff’s Deputy Jimmy Johnston was dispatched at 1:24 yesterday afternoon, and met a Clinton man who said he arrived at his Grandmother’s residence to fix a tire on his work trailer, that he had left at her house. On arrival, he observed a man putting back assorted tools that he had taken from a tool box on the trailer. Another person who lives at the location had reportedly told the man to put the tools back, while the man reportedly said he was just borrowing them. Meanwhile, the trailer owner’s grandmother said that she had walked outside and noticed her garden hose was cut, and that gasoline was missing from her car. She said she had just purchased gas for the car the day before, and need sit to get around for the next week. Meanwhile, the subject, identified as a 30-year-old man, had departed the scene. The case was being turned over to Investigations for further review.