Bid Approved for Wattsville Gas Line

  New natural gas distribution lines will be coming to the Wattsville community in the upcoming months. The Laurens Commission of Public Works this week vote to approve the low bid for the project, which came in well below the anticipated cost.

  CPW General Manager Dale Satterfield told the commissioners Monday morning “We developed what we thought was a $1 million project.” He said that engineers checking current bidding had projected the cost of new natural gas lines for Wattsville at $1.1 million. Satterfield said that at first they were disappointed that only two firms had bid on the job, but when the bids were opened that turned to a pleasant surprise at the costs.

  The low bid from Dawn Development of Monroe, North Carolina. Their bid of $668,690.40 was accepted by unanimous vote during the monthly meeting of the CPW this week.  Satterfield noted that the funding for this project has already been lined up in financing already approved. He said that the Commission will supply meters and regulators for the new natural gas lines, but the bid from Dawn Development includes all new services lines.

   He noted that the ability to use the alley-ways of Wattsville has cut the cost of the project, since that will prevent having to repave streets by not putting gas lines under them. County Council recently approved turning the Alleys over to the CPW.

  In earlier discussions on the project, Satterfield has noted that the natural gas lines serving Wattsville are the oldest in the Laurens CPW system, and as a result have the most problem with leaks.

   Dale Satterfield said the project installing the new natural gas lines should take about four months.