Top Ten Things We’ve Learned on the Radio Today

#10…It’s a good thing each year when we honor our Laurens County veterans of military combat, and the Hall of Heroes this Saturday is a very special day.

 #9 … If someone steals your marijuana, you probably don’t want to report that theft to the Po Po.

 #8 … If someone steals your marijuana and you learn someone else is going to report the theft to Police, you may be tempted to dissuade them from taking that action. 

 #7 … If you’re going to be buying and selling antiques, you need to know what you’re doing, so you need to come to the Laurens Library this evening at 6:30 to hear John Ivey share his knowledge on that  subject.

 #6 …If you carry a knife to school, make sure it’s not 3 inches long. You can probably get a ruler from the local office supply store. 

 #5  …Ladies, if you are ticked off at your Baby’s Daddy, texting that you’re gonna smack him next time you see him could be used in a court of law. 

 #4 … Men, If you’re having trouble getting along with your Baby’s Mama; and Ladies, if you’re having trouble getting along with your Baby’s Daddy, don’t resort to texting threats…instead, follow the advise offered yesterday by Lt. Heath Copeland – two words, folks, “Limited Contact.” …Maintain Limited contact with each other. 

 #3 … It’s a good thing when we recognize our past. Like the 100th Anniversary of Hickory Tavern School that is this Saturday afternoon, and the 3,000 people who attended Pioneer Day in Gray Court last Saturday. 

 #2 … If you find the allure of a Wal-Mart Super Center too much to resist, you may want to avoid behavior that would cause them to put a trespass notice on you.

 # 1 … If you’re so intoxicated you can’t stand up, you’re probably too intoxicated to drive a car.