Top Ten Things I Saw Or Heard About In Laurens County Over The Weekend

By Jan Fullbright

# 10. Thursday I saw two 40-year-old men moon their friend as he was driving home after work, they said it was because it was his birthday. He said it almost blinded him !

# 9. I saw a tiny chihuahua put two large boxer bull dogs in their place. She apparently rules the roost on that hill !

# 8. Hickory Tavern school had their 100 year anniversary last Saturday. Had a big turnout so I understand but no one showed up that was there when the school opened.

# 7. I actually saw mountain man sober !! He said he wanted to find him a girlfriend now, but was not going to trim his long beard or long hair that he keeps in a pony tail. Good luck with that !

# 6. Met a man who┬áis 6 feet and 5 inches tall, all muscle, no fat on him and bald-headed. Just as sweet as he could be but the kind of man you would not want to make mad. His name was Punkin, I did not ask why. I did notice that when his little short wife told him it was time to go he said “Yes Ma’am !”

# 5. I heard a rustling sound way up in a tree, then saw a squirrel fall to the ground. I just knew it had hurt its self bad or maybe it was dead. It got up and looked around to see if other squirrels saw what happened, then shook off and ran back up the tree.

# 4. Read where the Haunted Jail is looking for groups to ” adopt a cell”. I heard all the cells were just about full so why would anyone need to adopt one ? Is the county so broke they can’t afford the cells ?

# 3. A Blue Grass band played for a benefit Saturday and I heard a man ask them if they knew a song with the title of, ” If my nose was full of nickels could I blow them all on you ?”

# 2. Waterloo had their cotton festival. They had funnel cakes with white stuff sprinkled on top, guess it was cotton. They even had candy made out of cotton in blue or pink !

# 1. A lady that attended the benefit for first responders in Fountain Inn was buying a hot dog when she thought she had locked her keys in the car. She asked if anyone could help her as she had apparently put her keys in her purse and left it in the car. Some men had one of those long orange things and they worked about 20 minutes getting into the car. Of course the alarm went off but the keys were not in there, she had left them at a counter when she filled out a slip for the drawing, so someone brought them to her so she could stop the alarm.