Cross Hill Community Worships Together

The congregations of eight churches in the Cross Hill area have joined together for a 5th year in an Annual Community Revival held under a tent in the town park. It began yesterday and continues through this Thursday evening.  Cross Hill 1st Baptist Pastor Curtis Marshall explained how it all began.

  “In the community there is a group called the “Whiteford’s Men’s Fellowship.” We meet once a quarter for a breakfast meal on Saturday. And the group crosses all ethnic and denominational lines. And it’s through that group that we got to know the members of other community churches. The idea for the Town Revival actually came from Rev. Johnny Caldwell who was pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church. One evening he and one of his deacons were sitting in my living room and he looked at me and he said ‘Pastor, we need to have a Community Revival in the Town Park under a Tent.’ And it was out of Rev. Caldwell’s passion and desire that we pulled together and started the series of services which have been going on for close to five years now.”

   Pastor Marshall noted that the diversity of these churches not only included denominational diversity and ethnic diversity but also language diversity with the one Hispanic church in Cross Hill also participating.

  “The Bethabara Baptist Church, the Bethel Baptist Church, 1st Baptist Church of Cross Hill, then the Fountain of Life Pentecostal church which we just mentioned with Rev. Santiago, Good Hope Baptist Church, Liberty Springs Presbyterian Church, St. John’s Baptist Church, St. Vaughnville Baptist Church and Zion Hill Baptist Church.”

   After yesterday’s Sunday afternoon service, the program continues this week in the evenings.

   “And we go through this Thursday (at) 6:30 each evening in the Town Park under a tent. We would just invite everyone to come and be a part of the services. We’ll have music each evening under the leadership of some of our local musicians then preaching from a different pastor each night.”    

  That’s Curtis Marshall, Pastor of Cross Hill 1st Baptist Church.