Early Morning Stop Arrests 3 Men

 Three of four occupants of an allegedly speeding vehicle  were arrested this morning, after Laurens County Deputy Sheriff Devin Hodges met an SUV on Indian Mound Road that he reported clocking doing 74-miles-per-hour. Deputy Hodges turned around and pursued the Buick Rendezvous up Indian Mound Road, across a gravel roadway named Trax Road then down US 221 about half way to Cedar Grove Church Road before the vehicle pulled over. Deputy Hodges and Reserve Officer Charles Strickland reported observing four men inside the vehicle. The driver, Terence Otonio Hill of 384 Watson Street, Laurens, was charged with DUS 4th Offense and Speeding. One passenger was charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana after a bulge in his waste line was reportedly determined to be from 8.6 grams of marijuana in his pants under his belt. Another passenger, 34-year-old Rashun Santez Hill of 97 Hooker Avenue, Laurens, was turned over to Laurens City Police who had a Bench Warrant for his arrest. Hill is charged with being convicted in Laurens Municipal Court August 14th 2013 on charges of Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. He was sentenced to 30 days or $265 and 30 days or $650 on the convictions.

  A 4th occupant of the car was not charged.