Emergency Precautions for People with Disabilities

  The Laurens County Emergency Management Agency has announced plans to host a training session to help people with disabilities be better prepared in the event of an emergency situation. Angela Leapord told WLBG News that the session hopes to help people with special needs have backup plans in place in the event an emergency takes away electricity needed for their life-support systems.

  “The importance of it is to at least let a lot of people that have disabilities be more aware of possibly using more manual items rather instead of mechanical and electrical items.”

  This program helping people with disabilities prepare for life’s emergency situations is planned for this Thursday afternoon from 2 to 4 o’clock in room 441 at the Laurens County Higher Education Center.

  People interested in attending should call the Able Agency today at 1-800-681-6508.

Or use the TTY number: 1-803-779-0949.