No, the Road is NOT Your Land

   A Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a residence west of Laurens at 7:25 last night on a report of Trespass and Explicit Language. A woman told Deputy McMahan that a man who lives next door was trespassing on her property and that when she asked him to leave he said some very explicit words and gestures to her and her daughter. When questioned where the man had been on her property, she said “over there.” When asked to define “over there,” she pointed at some electrical box in the yard between the two residences. She was also reportedly convicted that the roadway at her house was her property. When the deputy tried to explain that the roadway was not her property, she reportedly interpreted the comment as the deputy not caring about her problem. She snatched her paperwork from him and went inside, slamming the door. The neighbor man was not available to give his version of events, apparently having left when she called 911.