Two Accused of Hickory Tavern “Meth Lab”

   Two men were arrested yesterday in connection with alleged methamphetamine activities in the Hickory Tavern area. Laurens County Sheriff’s Cpl Nick Moye states that both men were in possession of items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine yesterday at 252 Kellett Road, and that they unlawfully disposed of methamphetamine waste.

51-year-old Ronald B. Makawicz of 252 Kellett Road, Hickory Tavern and 28-year-old Adam William Doolittle of 460 Carousel Road, Gray Court were both charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Illegal Disposal of Meth Waste.

   Ronald Makawicz was also charged with Possession of less than one ounce of Marijuana and less than one gram of Methamphetamine. Cash or Surety bonds on the three “Meth” charges totaled $37,500, while bond on the Marijuana Possession charge was set at $650.

    Adam Doolittle was also charged with 3rd Degree Assault for an incident on Carousel Road September 18th. He is accused of threatening to kill his father while armed with an 18-inch chain. Cash or Surety bonds on Doolittle’s Meth charges totaled $20,000. A $2,500 bond was set on the Assault charge. 

   Both Makawicz and Doolittle remained in the Johnson Detention Center earlier today.