Arrests Charge Theft, Receiving Stolen Goods

Three people arrested Monday and held for charges were served with warrants by the Sheriff’s Office yesterday.

38-year-old Jason Edward Kennedy and his wife, 43-year-old Tracy Kennedy, both of Unit 26 at 491 Chapman Road, Fountain Inn, were charged yesterday with Receiving Stolen Goods.  Lt. Bryant Cheek states they received 2 flat-screen TVs, a laptop, 2 computers and a Fuji Camera Monday – September 23rd.

  Tracy Kennedy was also being held for Pickens County.

   Also arrested Monday was 25-year old Eric John Haggstorm of 113 Holland Street, Simpsonville. He was also charged yesterday with Receiving Stolen Goods, but in addition to that he was also charged by Lt. Bryant Cheek with a 2nd Offense of 3rd Degree Burglary and with Grand Larceny.

Lt. Cheek stated that on the 3rd of September Eric John Haggstrom broke into a dwelling in the Gray Court area and took various items. These allegedly included two laptop computers, a flat screen TV, a book of checks from BB&T and a Fuji camera. He was also charged with Driving Under Suspension on September 3rd for allegedly driving a vehicle while his licenses was under suspension. He was also charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. He is accused  of being in illegal possession of Lortab on Monday. He was also being held for Greenville authorities. All three, the Kennedys and Mr. Haggstorm were being held earlier this morning in the Johnson Detention Center pending arraignment on their charges.