Objection to Treaty Signing

 United States Congressman Jeff Duncan yesterday responded to Secretary of State Kerry signing the Untied Nations Arms Trade Treaty, saying “Today Secretary Kerry made the grave decision to sell out American sovereignty and the Second Amendment of the Constitution by signing the Arms Trade Treaty.  This treaty fails to recognize the fundamental right for individuals to keep and bear arms.” Duncan added “The treaty also places the U.S. on equal footing with dictatorships, allows foreign tribunals to exercise jurisdiction over the U.S., and threatens U.S. fulfillment of its promises to sell arms to Israel and Taiwan.”

   Duncan continued “In signing this treaty, the Administration is misleading the international community as the Senate has already rejected this infringement on the 2nd Amendment this legislative session.  Furthermore, I believe the Administration’s credibility on this issue is lacking as they were caught running these very guns to violent drug cartels in Mexico and now seek to provide to Syrian rebels, many of which are known terrorists.  Why this President would want to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms while putting them in the hands of criminals and terrorists is beyond understanding.”