Stop That Lawn Mower!

  Charges are pending on a man following an incident on Todd Quarter’s Road near Waterloo around 4 yesterday afternoon. Sheriff’s Sgt. Bryan Willard was traveling on Todd Quarter’s Road and reportedly observed a man driving a lawn mower on the highway. He attempted to make contact with the man, pulling the patrol car alongside the mower. The man on the mower refused to stop, yelling that the deputy needed to just go on and leave him alone. The officer then attempted to stop the man by pulling the patrol car in front of the lawn mower. The man reportedly drove around the patrol car. Sgt. Willard then got out of the car and again told the man he needed to stop. The man allegedly threatened to stab the deputy in the eye with a screwdriver, at which point backup was called. The subject reportedly walked up the road and into the woods, still yelling and cursing at the deputy to just leave him alone. The identity of the man was determined and warrants were to be sought to charge him with Unauthorized Motor Vehicle on a Roadway and with Threatening a Public Official.