“You Can’t Hide”

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary since the September 26, 2003 murder of Jim Bolt at the VFW Post on East Main in Laurens. That was the scene of a press conference yesterday. Laurens County Crimestoppers President John Young opened the event:

 “Laurens County Crimestoppers is supporting law enforcement and we’re offering a reward of up to $5500 for information leading to an arrest in this case, and that we ask and pled with the community that if they have any information regarding this case that they please pass it on so that we can help this family get some closure and end this chapter of their lives.”

   Laurens Chief of Police Sonny Ledda said that the Bolt murder investigation is not a cold case.

 “This is not a closed case by any means. We’re currently pursuing leads,  in fact, two days ago there was a viable lead that came to our office, to our detective division that we will be pursuing. But we need the community’s assistance, continued assistance. Every small bit of information, no matter how small, may be important. So if there’s anything that anybody knows about there, please, let us know about it.”

   Chief Ledda pledged to bring those responsible for the Jim Bolt Murder to justice.

   Libby Burroughs, a daughter of the late Jim Bolt, appeared with her sister making a statement on behalf of her family. She said that the ten years since her father was killed have been an active ten years:

 “The case is still very active. It is not a closed case. As new science and new leads, new evidence becomes available it is pursued. So we’re very reassured and you need to be also that it’s still an ongoing investigation.”

   Mrs. Burroughs said she’s met many new friends along the way, and thanked people who have been helpful to the family and to the investigation.

  8th Circuit Solicitor David Stumbo said all were present yesterday for two reasons, to honor the life of Jim Bolt, and the second reason was “because his life was taken too early right here on this property ten years ago, and we want to make sure that the people who were responsible for that are brought to justice.”

  Solicitor Stumbo then had messages for three groups of people:“To the family of Mr. Bolt, I want ya’ll to know that we love ya’ll, we’re praying for ya’ll. Even to this day, it never gets any easier, it continues to be painful and we will never give up this fight to bring these men to justice.”

   Secondly to those who may have information about what happened with the tragic death of Mr. Bolt at the VFW: …”You’ll get benefit. Not only the benefit of knowing you’ve done something right and good, but you’ll get actual financial benefit if you come forward and tell us what happened, tell us what you know.”

 “And thirdly, our message is to those that are responsible for this…the killers that took Mr. Bolt’s life.  The message is that you can’t hide forever and that you will be brought to justice. And so if you’re listening to this today through this event we want you to know that we’re coming after you and we will catch you.”

       With help from the Simpson-Medlock VFW post and a local Abate Club, Laurens County Crimestoppers is offering up to $5,500 cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the death of Jim Bolt on September 26, 2003. Tips can be phoned in without identifying yourself at 68-CRIME.