Obtaining under False Pretense, Contributing to Delinquency

   Laurens City Police were dispatched to Wal-Mart just before 10 last night on a report of someone attempting to make a fraudulent return. A male and female were reportedly observed on store video entering without items, then observed gathering items inside the store. The man was arrested after allegedly coming to the counter saying he needed to return merchandise. He allegedly exchanged two window panels for a pack of diapers, a dryer cord and a dryer vent. He then walked out of the store where he was arrested. 27-year-old Virgil Eugene Lell Jr. of 1129 Hood Creek road, Laurens was taken into custody and placed in the Johnson Detention Center. In addition to a ticket charging Disorderly Conduct, Lell was being held pending warrants to charge him with Obtaining Goods Under False Pretenses, Criminal Conspiracy and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

  Sgt. Gainey then located the 17-year-old female in the store and escorted her outside, where he advised her she was under arrest for obtaining Goods under False Pretenses. He secured her in handcuffs. As he was walking her to the patrol car, she allegedly began cursing, yelling a phrase that included the “F” word at the officer in earshot of members of the public. In addition to the Obtaining Goods under False Pretenses, 17-year-old Chasney Rebecca Hill of 1129 Hood Creek Road, Laurens was also being charged with Public Disorderly Conduct.

  Both were being held in the Johnson Detention Center overnight.