Two Assaults, Same Victim

    The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Shaw Court, Waterloo at 5:01 yesterday afternoon where a woman said she and a friend were walking down the Street to the mail boxes when they spotted a man attempting to get into her house. She said he spotted them and came out to the road and confronted her. He reportedly grabbed her in a ‘bear hug’ and tried to throw her to the ground. She said he grabbed at her neck, causing scratches. He ran into the woods when she called for her friend to dial 911. She told Sgt. Ron Wood that she and the man have not ‘been together’ in about 2 months but that she has not evicted him. Observing scratches on the woman’s neck, Sgt. Wood was going to check with a magistrate about a possible domestic violence warrant.

    Deputy Tim Byrd was dispatched to Shaw Court around 2 this morning where the same woman was the victim of another assault. This time she had injuries to her face. She said she was asleep at her friend’s house when her boyfriend and her friend assaulted her. Charges from that incident were also being sought. The victim had apparently been drinking.