Alleged Assault on Woman & Threats to Cops

 Charges of domestic assault and threatening two law enforcement officers have been filed on a man, following an event Saturday evening. Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Lot 10 at Oakland Street at 7:44 pm Saturday on a report of a man cutting a woman with a knife. Officer Phillip Wicker reported arriving to speak with a woman who said the subject had locked himself inside the residence. She had a cut to her wrist but declined EMS treatment. The man inside the trailer would not initially come to the door. Backup was called and the residence surrounded, Officer Wicker picked up the shield and traveled back to the location. When he arrived back on scene the subject reportedly opened the door to allow officers inside.

 52-year-old Robert Earl Bellue of 107 Oakland Street, #10, Clinton was issued a ticket charging him with Resisting Arrest, having reportedly stated he was not going to jail. He was later served with warrants also charging him with Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature, with Use of a Weapon in Commission of a Violent Crime and with Threatening a Public Official. Warrants state that on October 12th Mr. Bellue assaulted his wife by shoving her in their home and taking her arm, placing a knife against her wrist and cutting her forearm.  A warrant states the defendant and victim cohabitate as husband and wife, and have grown children. Another warrant alleges that Mr. Bellue committed the domestic assault crime while armed with a knife that had a blade more than 2 inches long during commission of the crime. As for the threats, a warrant states that Robert Earl Bellue threatened two officers of the Clinton Department of Public Safety Saturday evening, saying he would do great bodily harm to their persons. During arraignment, bonds were set totaling $25,470. He was placed in the Johnson Detention Center yesterday, where he remained this morning.