Top Ten “Other” Things that Could Go Missing After a Visit from a “Friend”

 #10…The 50 hydrocodone prescription you just had picked up to help your mother-in-law just picked up to help manage her pain.

 #9 … Guys who have “lady friends” visit for the night are always calling the cops to report that, suddenly, their wallet went missing from their britches.  

 #8 … Your new fake rolex watch. It looked so much like the real one, your “friend” couldn’t resist taking it with her. (Upset or flattered?)

 #7 … Your brand new 4×4 Hemi-powered 6 passenger Ram extended cab truck

             (what a loss)

 #6 … Your mailbox. Seems like folks love to ‘borrow’ other folks mailboxes. Especially when they look like a little John Deere Tractor.  

 #5  … The copper tubing out of your air conditioner. This was especially painful during her August visit. 

 #4 …Your clown make-up kit.  (talk about taking the smile out of your life!)

 #3 …Your Dale Earnhart Jr. Lucky T-Shirt.

 #2 … Your old classic Philco am radio. How else can a person truly enjoy Good Morning Up-Country. Loose the radio and your whole world starts to crumble.    

 # 1 … Your odd beer can collection -They were all there, from the Falstaff to the Pabst Blue Ribbon. And don’t you especially hate it when the women start messing with your Schlitz….can