Wilder Stadium Proposal Outlined

The Wilder Stadium Fund committee held a kick-off meeting for their fund-raising effort for renewing the Clinton High football complex last night. Coach Keith Richardson said some 50 people were invited to last night’s event, selected to represent a cross-section of the community. He said the committee’s message last night received a lot of good, positive comment as they went over the entire project, which is designed to be completed in different phases. They concentrated on the end zone building, considered the most important part of the project. It’s to consist of constructing a 50 x 92 foot two-story building as the new entrance to the stadium. It is to have new, large men’s and women’s rest rooms along with the entrance, and the slope that now greets fans entering the stadium is to be reworked to a more level entry point. The building will have a multi-purpose room upstairs, which will be able to be accessed by an elevator and two sets of stairs. The top floor can be used for priority seating for games and for various community meeting functions. It will have a limited kitchen and clean-up area for catered events. It can also be a place for display of CHS memorabilia.

   Along with landscaping, Coach Richardson said the structure will really enhance the stadium, providing an impressive look. He said cost of this first phase for renovation of Wilder Stadium is projected at $2.3 million. “I really think it will enhance, will add an impressive look for the stadium. He said this will be the most expensive part of the overall renovation project, and noted “I think that if we can get that done – if people can see it – more people will be willing to support the other steps.”

   Richardson noted that since the committee does not have taxing authority, all funds must be in hand before construction can start for any phase of the renovation. He said architect estimates for the entire project, including a new building on the other end zone, a new playing surface and the jumbo-tron, is estimated at some $8 million.

    Coach Richardson said everyone attending last night’s meeting on the Stadium Renovation accepted a pledge card. “We ask them to go back home and pray about what they can do.” The next scheduled event for the Wilder Stadium Fund is a community wide meeting at the stadium on Thursday night, November 14th. He said that everyone in the community is invited to come out that night and get a description of what the committee is doing. “Come see first hand the plans for the renovation of the Stadium.” He said everyone is invited to the community-wide event, with the community encouraged to come to the November 14th event.