Top Ten Possible Songs Suggested by Current News

#10… From our local story today about “Woman Screams on Isle 10,”  A Halloween thriller called “I Heard a Scream on Wal-Mart’s Isle Ten,

….but I didn’t hear nobody pray”

#9 … From our story about the allegedly intoxicated woman arrested while walking down Durbin Road this morning, barefoot with 38 degrees, comes the lyrics…    “Drunk woman in the middle of the road….middle of the road….middle of the road. There’s a drunk woman in the middle of the road and she’s not wearing sox or shoes.”

#8 …Or, from the same story, how about “Yo Mama was walking bare foot at 38 degrees”

#7 …Or, for a more sentimental song inspired by the same story, we have…“It was cold on the outside, but warm in my heart!

#6 … From the story about the Cops investigating the couple found growing marijuana plants, who claimed they were tomato plants….but eventually they came clean and retrieved the plants from the trash can and turned them in to be destroyed.

….we have the Lewis Grizzard-inspired song: They took my tomatoes from the trash can and stomped them suckers flat!

#5  … From our local story about the woman who was getting her father’s prescription filled and couldn’t find the pocket-book to pay for the medicine because it was stolen…..  “Mama’s, don’t let your babies grow up to be Meth Heads.”

#4 … From the story where the man reported his son’s house was broken into in mid-September, and he only reported it yesterday because, at the same time, his son was jailed in Atlanta. He said they took all his son’s clothing – including his underwear.

“They stole the fruit right off his loom.”

#3 … From the technical troubles with the government health care web site comes the love-lorn-lyrics….    “You said you loved me, but your Web Site wouldn’t Open for Me.”

#2 … From a compilation of local and national stories, we have the song: “I left my car at Little Cricket”

# 1 … From national news about the much-derided Affordable Care Act, we have a very popular new song of unrequited love….

“Will Obamacare cover a broken heart?”