Arrest Follows Gray Court Drama

  A woman met Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy McMahan at Gray Court Town Hall at 2:28 this morning and reported that her x-boyfriend had come over to her house on Georgia Acres Road being belligerent and demanding a ride back to his house on the same road. She said she took him there then she went to he sister’s house. The sister wasn’t home so she stayed in her vehicle. She said the boyfriend then came over and tried to get into her vehicle. When he could not get the door unlocked he allegedly yelled at her and cursed her, then pulled out a butcher knife and waved it at her. She put the car in reverse and drove out. She said he cut her tires as she was backing out. Deputy McMahan went to the subject’s house and reportedly found him asleep on a couch wearing a jacket as if he had just been outside. A large knife was reportedly found in the kitchen wrapped in a towel. The man reportedly said he could not understand why the officer was there. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Johnson Detention Center. 29-year-old Eric Antwon Simpson of 283 Georgia Acres, Gray Court was being held for charges to include Third Degree Assault and Disorderly Conduct.