Driver Jumps from Moving Vehicle

Two subjects fled on foot after a brief police chase in Clinton early yesterday morning. Clinton Public Safety Lt. Cathy Anderson was at Copeland Plaza at 3:01 AM when she reported observed a small dark-colored pickup truck approach the stop sign at AB Jacks and US 76. The vehicle remained stopped for approximately 3 minutes then slowly turned right onto US 76. Due to this behavior and the vehicle driving left of center, Lt Anderson followed, catching up at Peachtree Street and initiated Blue Lights. The truck continued, turning right onto Pine Street…then the driver’s door opened and the driver jumped from the moving truck and fled on a dirt road toward Clinton Manor. The truck ran into a ditch, then a passenger exited and ran toward Dillon Drive.

  Officer’s Wicker and Harris patrolled the Copeland Estates area without locating either subject.

  Meanwhile, a man drove up saying his truck had been taken while on Gary Street and he wanted it back. Since it was listed as owned by someone else, Lt. Anderson explained it would not be released to him. The man reportedly became very upset about that, continuing to argue it was his truck. A wrecker was called to remove the truck and hold for its registered owner.