District 56 Trustees Evaluate the Superintendent

 The District 56 School Board yesterday released details of its recent performance evaluation of the Superintendent, held in executive session at the end of the board’s October 28th meeting.

The Board gave Dr. David O’Shields an overall commendable and positive evaluation.  On behalf of the Board, Chair Jim Barton stated, “Dr. O’Shields continues to be an outstanding educational leader and continues to demonstrate that he is dedicated and committed to improving the overall opportunities offered to our students.  His background and experience in our system, as well as his depth of knowledge about all aspects of public education and in particular instructional matters, continue to be major strengths.  Although the Board is disappointed in some student scores on state mandated tests, we are confident that Dr. O’Shields has and will continue to take steps to ensure that student achievement increases at all grade levels and in all schools.  The Board commends Dr. O’Shields for his tireless dedication both to our students and community and commends him on his public outreach efforts.  As a board, we look forward to many more years of productive partnerships with Dr. O’Shields.”

  In light of O’Shield’s ‘outstanding job performance evaluation,’ the District 56 Trustees approved an increase of 2% for his salary, the same increase provided to other certified employees this school year. His contract currently extends through June 30th, 2016.