5 Vandalism Cases, $15,000 Damage

 The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched on at least five cases of vandalism yesterday that resulted in some $15,000 in total reported damage.

  $6,208 in damage was noted by a Mortgage company from East Tennessee for property they own at 3157 Whitmire Highway, Joanna. Multiple appliances, fixtures and home accessories were listed as damaged, including $3,500 damage to the heating and air conditioning system since October 30th.

  A Greensboro, North Carolina Mortgage company reported $5,750 in damages to items in a residence they own on Woodberry Drive, Clinton. This location also had $3,500 damage to a heating and air conditioning system.

  $1,700 in damage was reported to a truck owned by a Williamston, South Carolina man in a report filed with the Sheriff’s office at 5 yesterday afternoon. He indicated his truck broke down on Interstate 385 at Exit 19 on August 19th and had to be towed. He indicates it has subsequently been determined that something other than diesel was in the fuel tank.

   A pickup truck on Neely Ferry Road on the south side of Hickory Tavern had $1,000 damage from an apparent rifle shot. The owner reported late yesterday morning that it appears a rifle round pierced the passenger side bed of the pickup just above the rear tires and hit the front panel of the truck, shattering the rear window, sometime between 8 last Friday morning and yesterday.

   A deputy responded to an unnamed gravel road off Houser Circle near Clinton at 6:17 last evening and spoke with a Mountville man who said that he had been hunting, then returned to his truck to find that all four of the truck’s tires had been cut and were completely flat. Damage in that case was placed at $400.