Valuable Wallet?

  Laurens City Police responded to a convenience store at 1403 west Main at 4:28 Friday morning on a report of an assault. An 18-year-old Laurens female advised she had been assaulted on Church Street. She said she had driven to the Spring Street area to meet a “friend,” noting the “friend” walks up and down Spring Street all the time and that’s how she locates him. She stated that she did not see her “friend” but did two other subjects walking down Spring Street. She stopped and asked if they knew her “friend” and they stated they did. She asked that they have her “friend” call her and left. She stated they later called her saying they needed a ride from Spring Street. She said she picked up both subjects on Spring Street and they rode around for an unknown period of tiem. She said that she had to stop at a stop sign on Spring Streeet and the front passenger grabbed her wallet and fled on foot from the vehicle, but the back seat passenger remained in the car and acted surprised when the front passenger took the wallet. She only knew the two subjects by one name. She said the back seat passenger called the other guy and told him he should give the wallet back. She said she then located him sitting in a red car at Laurens Glen Apartments. He got into the car with her, put the keys in the glove box, and said the only way she would get her wallet back was to perform oral sex on him. She said when she refused one of them threatened to harm her if she didn’t, so she did. She said the other touched her as this was happening. Afterwards, they reportedly put her wallet on the hood of her car and both left in the red car. She would not go to the hospital to be checked out and insisted that she had not otherwise been penetrated by the subjects. She said her wallet only contained her wallet and her identification cards such as driver’s license and social security card.