Detention Center Employee Raise Gets Final OK


     Pay increases for employees of the Johnson Detention Center received final approval of Laurens County Council last night. Council members Diane Anderson and Ed McDaniel cast the two “no” votes for the 3rd reading. Ordinance 759 allocates up to $184,000 to pay for the additional cost of elevating detention officers to the same pay scale as others in the Sheriff’s Office for the rest of the current fiscal year. The money will come from the unrestricted surplus and/or the restricted contingency surplus.

     There were questions from other council members regarding the adjustments,    Councilman Joe Wood asked for details on how the raise-step action would be implemented. Major Chris Hudson said increases would be given after an employee’s six month probation period and another increase after graduation from the academy.

    Councilwoman Diane Anderson told Hudson she wants monthly reports regarding overtime pay and Councilman Keith Tollison asked for reports on employee turnover.

    County Administrator Ernie Segars added that overtime information will be part of the monthly financial report, and that the pay increases will probably not begin till around January 1st. Major Hudson added “This will take time, we want to make sure everything is right and fair.”