One “Spec” Building Nears Completion, Another Possible

     Laurens County Council Chairman Jim Coleman last night announced a grant for installing water and sewer to serve the new “Spec” building now under construction at the Owings Industrial Park. The 50,000 square foot building is being constructed by the Laurens County Development Corporation in a partnership with Santee-Cooper. That utility is providing the money for the construction with no payback required for the first three years, then only interest from the 4th year up to year ten.

  Until the building at Owings is complete, Laurens County currently has no “Spec” building available to show prospective industry that is on a fast track with a new project.

   Meanwhile, plans are being made to possibly construct a larger, 100,000 square foot “Spec” building at the Hunter Industrial Park in Laurens. The Laurens CPW voted Monday morning to enter a partnership with Santee-Cooper and the Laurens County Development Corporation. LCDC Executive Director Marvin Moss told WLBG yesterday that his board of directors will consider this new “Spec” building at their next meeting, set for next Tuesday.

  Questioned about the terms allowing up to ten years for payment on the loan, Moss indicated that the two “Spec” buildings already constructed in the Hunter Industrial Park were sold within three and four years. They’re currently occupied by the Fukoku and Allupress plants.

   While no price is known until the bids come in, Moss anticipated the larger, 100,000 square foot “Spec” building would cost around $2.5 million to construct.

   Meanwhile, curbing and guttering and other improvements are underway at Hunter Park, making it Laurens County’s 1st Class A Industrial Park.